The ICSA is based on an annual omnibus survey conducted by Frontier Group since 1999.

Frontier Group itself is one of the leading market research and consultant in Indonesia.  Frontier have had an extensive amount of projects with clients across the globe, especially from US and Europe, with research experience in more than 200 industriesover the last 16 years.

Frontier Group vast scope of research allows nationwide market research operations, where field networks are capable to conduct field interview in more than 100 cities in Indonesia simultaneously.  These operations are supported by knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated research team with a “can do” attitude.  To guarantee accurate data formulation, independent quality control system is applied, where strict quality control facility is separated from field office.

Value and Purpose of Customer Satisfaction

  • Satisfied customers are the most precious asset for a company, which often considered as competitive advantage for the company. Thus, it is crucial for a company to measure its customer satisfaction and to formulate a relevant “customer satisfaction strategy”.
  • Customer satisfaction is a result from accumulated customer experience in using / consuming the company’s  product or service and the customers’ perception which influenced by the company’s marketing activity.
  • Customer satisfaction will lead to loyalty. Loyal customer will repeat their purchase of the company’s product or services which in turn will increase the sales of the product / service and also the profit of the company. The benefit of having loyal customer base:
    • Loyal customer is less price sensitive.
    • Loyal customer tend to spread His/her good opinions to his/her surroundings. (Positive word of mouth).
    • Loyal customers tend to be more consumptive towards the product/service in the future.
    • The company is able to promote its product or services more effectively and efficiently.

Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Index

  • The large number of countries in the world that have national customer satisfaction index which is measured and tracked annually shows that customer satisfaction is crucial for companies.
  • Frontier Group – Research Division conducts research for customer satisfaction simultaneously and independently. Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Index (ICSITM) is done nationally since 1999. ICSI involves 8400 respondents in 6 big cities (Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Bandung, Medan and Makassar). 2400 respondents is allocated for each category.
  • For companies, customer satisfaction index could be considered as the measurement for its brand performance in satisfying their customers. This satisfaction index could also be used to compare its performance with competitors'. Besides the satisfaction index per brand, the average satisfaction index for the industry can also be projected.